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Strong response also in 2019

So far 65 companies have agreed to participate in the Swiss Equities Conference.

Name Bloomberg Reuters Sector Day
Addex Therapeutics ADXN SE ADXN.S Technology 10 January
Adecco Group ADEN SE ADEN.S Business Services & Logistics 11 January
ARBONIA ARBN SE ARBNO.S Construction 11 January
Ascom ASCN SE ASCN.S Technology 10 January
Baloise BALN SE BALN.S Banks & Insurance 10 January
Basilea BSLN SE BSLN.S Pharma & Healthcare 11 January
BB Biotech BION SW BION.S Pharma & Healthcare 10 January
BKW AG BKW SE BKWB.S Utilities 10 January
Bossard BOSN SE BOS.S Industrials 10 January
Bucher Industries BUCN SE BUCN.S Industrials 10 January
Cembra Money Bank CMBN SE CMBN.S Banks & Insurance 10 January
Clariant CLN SE CLN.S Chemicals 10 January
COLTENE CLTN SE CLTN.S Pharma & Healthcare 10 January
Conzzeta CON SE CONC.S Industrials 11 January
D├Ątwyler Holding Inc. DAE SE DAE.S Technology 11 January
dormakaba DOKA SE DOKA.S Industrials 11 January
Dufry DUFN SE DUFN.S Consumer & Retails 10 January
EFG International EFGN SE EFGN.S Banks & Insurance 10 January
Evolva EVE SE EVE.S Chemicals 11 January
Galenica GALE SE GALE.S Consumer & Retails 11 January

As of 8 November 2018

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