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So far 74 companies have confirmed their participation in the Swiss Equities Conference 2022.

As of 14 January 2022
Name Bloomberg Reuters Sector Day
Addex Therapeutics ADXN SE ADXN.S Pharma & Healthcare 14 January
ARBONIA ARBN SE ARBNO.S Construction 13 January
Aryzta ARYN SE ARYN.S Food & Beverage 13 January
Baloise Holding BALN SE BALN.S Insurance 14 January
Basilea BSLN SE BSLN.S Pharma & Healthcare 12 January
BB Biotech BION SE BION.S Pharma 13 January
Bossard BOSN SE BOS.S Capital Goods 14 January
Bucher Industries BUCN SE BUCN.S Capital Goods 14 January
Burckhardt Compression BCHN SE BCHN.S Capital Goods 14 January
CALIDA GROUP CALN SE CALN.S Consumer & Retail 12 January
Cembra Money Bank CMBN SE CMBN.S Banks & Insurance 13 January
Cicor Technologies Ltd. CICN SE CICN.S Electronics 12 January
Clariant CLN SE CLN.S Chemicals 13 January
COLTENE CLTN SE CLTN.S Pharma & Healthcare 12 January
COMET Group COTN SE COTNE.S Tech hardware & Semiconductors 14 January
CPH Chemie & Papier Holding CPHN SE CPHN.S Paper & Packaging 12 January
Datwyler DAE SE DAE.S Capital Goods 14 January
EFG International EFGN SE EFGN.S Banks 13 January
Emmi EMMN SE EMMN.S Food & Beverages 13 January